Self Healing With Spank Therapy

Well, I am more of an adventurer when it comes to healing. The reason is that I was in rather bad health after years of booze and late-nights life-style coupled with eating out almost every day. One of the odd treatment that I was introduced some months ago is “Spank Therapy”. To be frank, “Spank Therapy” is a name conceived by me since the “Sifu” could not translate this form of treatment into English. According to the friend who introduced me to this form of therapy, he and his family benefitted from the “spanking” whenever they fell ill.


What? Get SPANKED and pay for it? Never!! Oh… unless it can actually relieve me of the unbearable pain in my body. Well, try it if you have exhausted all avenues…. apart from taking pain killers, which may eventually take it’s toll on your body as it’s not treating the source of the problem.

The mere thought of being beaten with a wooden plank is already an obstacle to someone introduced to this type of treatment. Surprisingly, many people from afar seek out the “Spanking Sifus” to rid them of bodily pains and illnesses. The more common are neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back pain & knee pain. According to a sifu, even people with asthma, fever, tumours & gastric problems had also been treated.


Spanking as the name implies, is the use of a flat object to beat the body. I was told by a Sifu of Spanking that this Ancient Art Of Healing was practiced some 1500 years ago in China and now there is only a handful of spanking sifus left. This art of healing passed from master to disciple through a natural process of trust cultivated when a patient recovered from an illness and the patient desired to learn this ancient art of healing.


From observation, one of the benefit is that the patient need not undress, unless desired. Secondly, it looks more hygenic as you don’t have someone rubbing your body with his/her hands as in massage or scrapping the skin out of your body as in detox scraping.

According to many healers, it appears that sickness will pass from one to another through body contact. Sounds plausible with all the dirt in some people’s body being rubbed out into the hands of the healer. However, they are not talking about the transfer of micro-organisms but the flow of energy from a sick person to a healthy person. The healer must know how to clean or discharge himself after each session. The use of planks mitigates this negative aspect of treatment as there is hardly any body contact.

There are also rubberised planks in the market but these are difficult to control the force, timing & accuracy because of their flexibility.


There are planks which are narrow, wide, thick, thin, long & short.

Generally, the length of the planks are about the same as the lenght provides the leverage for the spanker to deliver the force.

Thin planks are usually used on first-time patients, especially ladies, who have little tolerance to pain. At your request, the sifu can spank with less force but it will take a longer time to achieve the result. Thin planks are light and can hit rapidly at many beats per minute.

The thicker planks are used on those who have a higher tolerance to pain and the force can penetrate deeper beneath the skin to work on the deeper blood vessels below the skin.

The wider planks are used on the larger parts of the body like the back and especially on bigger size people.

The narrower planks are used on areas which a wider plank can cause harm to adjacent areas, such as the areas running alongside the spine.


Believe it or not, spanking is really hard work. Spanking the body rapidly for 30 minutes is quite exhausting. Imagine if it’s 1 hr – 2 hrs. It requires years of practice so that the plank does not injure the patient unintentionally.

It seems that the theory behind spanking is that illnesses are caused by “wind” in the body. Like it’s name, wind moves about and so will be the pains. Spanking works on the capillaries & blood vessels

Wind can cause problems to internal organs and manifests in symptoms like fever, joint pains, stiffness and pain in the shoulders, upper back, neck, etc . Diseases caused by wind are marked by migrating disease location and symptoms that appear and disappear. This wind, if not released, will cause a person’s health to go from bad to worse over time.

Different illnesses require spanking at different areas of the body. If you have knees with creaking sounds, your knee won’t be spanked. Anyway it would be painful to hit the bones.


By hitting the skin, blood rushes to the surface of the skin and heat is released from the body. Using a system of spanking, targeting the blood vessels and certain points along the meridians, the “wind” is driven out of the body, usually via the legs and palms.


Usually the spanking result in reddish, blue or black marks on the skin, which become more apparent the next day. Reddish color indicates light blockage, whereas the darker colours indicate blood stagnation.


If there are no marks, it indicates your circulatory system is healthy. These marks will disappear in 2-3 days if your circulation is good or 4-7 days if circulation is till poor.



Who is Sifu Yap? The information provided here is from Sifu Yap, a senior citizen who has more than 10 years in Spank Therapy. Most of his early years were spent more of a charitable mission, practising on the underprivileged groups.

Sifu Yap said he almost lost his mobility when one part of his body became numb due to problems with his internal organs. Unable to solve his problem after seeking medical attention, he was introduced to a Sifu well versed in Spank Therapy and recovered to full mobility. So convinced that this form of therapy is beneficial to mankind, he became a disciple to promote this art of healing. Through self-healing he said he no longer need to wear spectacles as his self-spanking gave him a clearer vision.


This Ancient Art Of Healing is dying off with the remaining masters and Sifu Yap is more than willing to pass on the skills to those who desire to learn.

Once the skill is acquired, one can perform self-healing and treat family members to improve their health.

As Sifu Yap speaks Cantonese and is not so conversant in English, and could be busy spanking somebody, anybody interested in his service can contact the writer.

Sifu Yap makes house visits but someone has to pay for his expenses.



In trying to be healthy, I pay attention to:-

a. Diet
b. Exercise
c. Lifestyle
d. Emotion
e. Sleep
f. Water
g. Environment.

For those who have some form of illnesses, it’s important to incorporate the following to overcome the problems;-
i. Therapy
ii. Functional Foods
iii. Regular monitoring of blood pressure & blood sugar.


Ask around and you will find that there are many badminton players who had fallen to heart attack & stroke between 40-60 years old even though they exercise 3-5 times a week.


Very often, people have the belief that by exercising and having a healthy diet is enough to keep away health problems.

Little do they know the “Silent Killer” may be at work. According to the American Heart Association 1 in 3 adults in U.S. has High Blood Pressure. High Blood Pressure is called a “silent killer,” because it doesn’t usually cause symptoms while it is causing the damage. The problem is you are likely to have hypertension if your family has it.

High Blood Pressure leads to:-

– Heart Attack

– Stroke

Find out from The American Heart Association why High Blood Pressure Matters and CHECK OUT YOUR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE RISK.

Good for you if your blood pressure is below 120/80.

Do something about it if it’s between 120/80 and 140/90, you are in the pre-hypertension stage .

Seek medical attention if it’s above 140/90.

Learn more about High Blood Pressure medication from other websites such as the WebMD.



Now realising the importance of good blood circulation and “clean blood”, combining Therapy with a Functional Food can produce good results.

There is this 100% natural fruit powder from the fruit of the Mahogany Swietenia tree, more commonly known as “Sky Fruit”.


This is a “Functional Food” as it contains minerals, vitamins & most important are the active compounds
– Saponins &
– Flavanoids.

Saponins are found in the more well-known herb Ginseng and Flavanoids are found in Gingko. The difference between the other two more well-known herbs is that this fruit contains both Saponins & Flavanoids in significant amounts, a combination rarely found in other herbs.

However to obtain it’s effectiveness, only selected fruits are used and a special process is used to combine certain parts of the fruit.This special formulation is said to be created long ago and passed down from generations to generations of Chinese physicians and is unlike what is in the market which comprise only seeds.

This rare combination of Saponins & Flavanoids from the fruit are known to provide the following health-giving benefits:-
– enhance immune system;
– regulate blood fat and blood sugar levels;
– rebuild skin tissues
– strengthen the nervous system
– remove free radicals from the body
– help improve blood circulation
– reduce tissue inflammation
– act as an Anti-aging agent
– subdue tumour growth

This fruit extract has been widely used as a natural remedy for people with the following problems:-
– hypertension;
– diabetes;
– obesity;
– gout;
– hemmorhoids
– constipation;
– erectile dysfunction;
– skin problems.
Having tested both this form of Therapy and consumption of the mentioned Functional Food, no side effects were noted over a period of 3 months. However, this strictly applies to the personal experience of the writer and is in no way a medical advice to readers and it is best to consult a physician or doctor before making any decisions, especially if you are on medication. In my opinion, it’s safer to take the fruit powder mentioned here if one’s blood pressure is in the higher category, before trying out the spanking.

Blood pressure readings are usually not constant but it is important to spot the measurements that appear constantly over a 2 week period.The following are my actual readings in the last week of August 2012.



I believe the fruit powder has brought down my blood pressure substantially from 130+/80+ and I have to cut down consumption to see the results in a week’s time.

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